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DevOps Developer - AWS technologies and LISP

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Job Description

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Job Description

Project Name: Developer with knowledge of DevOps assignments and experience in AWS technologies and LISP


  • The developer should have experience with functional programming or similar as well as experience with working with AWS technologies, which are therefore weighted by 50%:
  • Good experience with functional programming, in particular LISP, preferably Clojure / ClojureScript or similar
  • Experience with AWS platforms and related components, including IAM, RDS, S3, Cloudfront, VPC, ECS, EF2 or similar
  • The developer should also have experience with the following technologies and tools or the like, which are weighted with the remaining 50%:
  • Some or all of these orchestration tools: Terraform, Terragrunt, Ansible
  • Some or all of these databases that use (not database manager): PostgreSQL, SQL Server
  • Some or all of Windows technologies: AD, ADFS, Windows Server
  • Some or all Linux operating systems: CentOS, AWS-Linux, Debian
  • Some CI / CD: Jenkins, jFrog, Packer
  • Good understanding of networks, firewalls, routing

Requirements: Tools:

  • Significant experience with Agile development principles (Scrum, SAFe, XP), as well as tools to support these (Kanban, JIRA, Version One) or similar
  • Good knowledge and practical experience with GIT, GitHub or similar version control system is an advantage.